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I am having some issues with matching when i try and implement pre-compiled regex in a Perl script. I have the script working without pre-compiling, and any time I have an express that spans lines, it returns no match when pre-compiling. So for example:

my $regex_partner = qr/<h1 id="PartnerName">(?<partner_name>.*?)<\/h1>/;
$content =~ $regex_partner;
$partner_name = $+{partner_name};

Works fine when pre-compiling, but:

my $regex_web =~ qr/Company Website:.*openWindow[(]'(?<website>http:\/\/.*?)'/s;
$content =~ $regex_web;
$website = $+{website};

returns nothing, but works if i take out the whole pre-compile. It seems any time qr//s is used, it will not work.


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What version of Perl are you using? –  cjm Nov 21 '11 at 18:14

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You have a typo.

my $regex_web =~ qr/.../s;

That should be:

my $regex_web = qr/.../s;

The former is performing a pattern match against $regex_web. The latter is assigning the pattern to $regex_web. If warnings were on you'd have gotten a "Use of uninitialized value $regex_web in pattern match" warning.

Unless it's a typo in your post?

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