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i want to play audio 2 ways

  1. Through my website (easier, as i can detect the browser)
  2. sending an email which will have a player to stream the audio

restrictions. 1. Firefox wont play MP3 2. Iphone/ipad wont play flash 3. Iphone/ipad wont play ogg 4. Emails have trouble with javascript -jplayer (potential of ending in the trash)

problem. if i send via an email, i cant detect the browser, so cant choose ogg, flash, etc.

Solutions 1. Use HTML 5 and embed a player stream mp3... works in iphone, ie8, chrome....not in firefox (mp3 issue) and older ie browsers (html5 issue).

  1. use jplayer.... i expect the email to dislike the javascript and throw into the trash, plus will firefox play the mp3 audio?

  2. use flash.... i expect iphone/ipad not to work, also will it play from an email?

what is the best way to deal with this?

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If you don't care about the older IE browsers bit, you could just use HTML5 and point to both MP3 and Vorbis sources; the browser will pick the one it can play.

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how do i point to both ogg and mp3, once the email is constructed and sent, how does it detect the browser.. –  user665782 Nov 22 '11 at 7:22
@user665782 You can use two <source> elements inside the <audio>, pointing to the two files, with the correct type attributes. You don't need to detect the browser: just tell it about both files, and it will play the one it knows how to play. –  Boris Zbarsky Nov 22 '11 at 13:47
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