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In Chrome, you can edit your resources in line and Chrome will generate revisions of that resource. Here the documentation:

Sadly, it's not working here, and I don't know how to enable it. It is not possible to expand the file in the resource tab to see the revisions.

Using Chrome 15.0.874.121 on MacOS here. A colleague of mine tried the developer channel, but it's still not there. But I saw a demo of it at the Google Developer Day.

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This works in 15.0.874.121 as well -- just double-click on a text content of a CSS or JS file in the Resources panel, type something and press Cmd+Enter. You will see the lines that you added displayed with a green background, and the edited resource on the left will become expandable.

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Alternatively, the Dev channel has an "Edit" button (a pencil with dots) below the resource contents if the resource is editable. You can click it to toggle the resource editing.

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It works fine on ToT and on dev channel 17.0.942.0 dev. The scenario.

  1. open inspector's Scripts panel
  2. start editing with double click
  3. save the revision with Cmd+S
  4. optional exit from editing mode Shift-Enter
  5. open Resource Panel
  6. click on the right arrow symbol close to edited file.
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