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This question is kind of involved, so I'll try to keep it as brief as possible. I have a WinForms app that generates labels for products. It does this by using GDI+ to draw onto a Graphics object.

Well, I have to essentially replicate this in an ASP.NET MVC web application, and for the most part I have it working with the same code, however I get two different results. Let me link the images for you:

What the WinForms app outputs

What my web app outputs

Now, this is using the same code to render a simple string. The only difference is that the Graphics object that the WinForms app is drawing on comes from a PrintPageEventArgs object, because it is using Win32 print functionality. Well, I can't use that on the web app, so what I did was created a physical image on disk of the same size and DPI resolution that the Graphics in the WinForms app has, load this into a System.Drawing.Image, and get the Graphics object from that Image object, and draw on that.

As you can see, the WinForms app renders the string in the upper left corner, but my app renders the string quite large smack dab in the middle. Here is my relevant code. If anyone has any ideas whatsoever in what could be causing the different results, please let me know.

var BoxRectangle = new RectangleF(Left, Top, Width, Height); // args are predefined and confirmed to be consistent between both apps
var selectedBrush = Brushes.Red;
g.TextRenderingHint = TextRenderingHint.AntiAlias; // g is my Graphics object, of course
g.DrawString("10 CANE RUM", FontLabel, selectedBrush, BoxRectangle, AlignmentLabel); // FontLabel is an Arial, size 18 Font object, and AlignmentLabel is StringFormat.Center
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Can't tell for sure, but perhaps this has something to do with the units. Try to specifically select units, like pixels or points in both apps. I would go for pixels, actually, if the size on screen is what you expect to see at the same size. – Itai Bar-Haim Feb 19 '12 at 5:05
Also keep in mind that when dealing with printing contexts, while very much similar to regular on-screen drawing, outputs are very different, due to physical paper size considerations, so even if you created an image of the same size and DPI, perhaps the way you draw the original, since it was based on a printing context, caused it to show up smaller on screen, while the web app did not have that advantage. – Itai Bar-Haim Feb 19 '12 at 5:06

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