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I want to remove the marked color (yellow in this case) in a seekbar.



Is there an easy way to do that?

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Does my answer help? Any precisions? – Renaud Nov 22 '11 at 14:57
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See View dev doc. SeekBar derives from View and you should try to modify either the background using android:background with a Shape Drawable (with solid color) in the xml definitions or programmatically change the color using setBackgroundColor.

To remove the color, you should try to set it to a pure transparent color.

I've not tested, so let us know what happen if it fails.


You could try that:

Define a res/drawable/white_bg.xml

<shape xmlns:android=""
    <solid android:color="@android:color/white" />

Set the SeekBar android:background="@drawable/white_bg"

Give it first a try with a plain white color to see if that's a good start…

Ok, that doesn't work.

Final update

Ok, got it from a project of mine where I have customized a ProgessBar. Since a SeekBar derives from ProgressBar, you'll need to define a res/drawable/seekbar_bg.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<layer-list xmlns:android="">

  <item android:id="@android:id/background">
      <corners android:radius="5dip" />

  <item android:id="@android:id/progress">
        <corners android:radius="5dip" />
        <solid android:color="@android:color/transparent" />


similarly that the platforms/android-8/data/res/drawable/progress_horizontal.xml file (android-8 is an example) and define theandroid:progressDrawable="@drawable/seekbar_bg" attribute for your SeekBar xml definition.

I assumed there that the @android:id/secondaryProgress item need not to be defined in the Layer List for a SeekBar but it should be verified…

You could as well redefine the thumb symbol selector by declaring a local selector inspired by platforms/android-8/data/res/drawable/seek_thumb.xml.

Interesting, I have learned a lot with this one since I never used a SeekBar, thanks! ;)

My apologies for the trial/error approach and the multiple updates…

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i tried sb.setBackgroundColor(Color.TRANSPARENT); --> nothing changed – test123123 Nov 21 '11 at 18:54
@test123123 Ok, that was not so simple but I edited my answer and it works, I let you redefine the thumb symbol if need be by yourself… – Renaud Nov 21 '11 at 20:41

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