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I have one server, server.domain.local that hosts 3+ web applications. I have aliases for all of these apps so I can browse to:


I need to be able to modify the iisstart.htm with javascript so that depending on the alias a user puts in the browser, it redirects to a site and port w/ address.

Ex: http://alias3 should redirect to http://alias3:alias3port/alias3website.htm.

I know this is possible, I have done it before, I just cannot for the life of me remeber the code.

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CNAMEs are used to create alises at the DNS level; any redirect you could do in JavaScript wouldn't be directly related to that. – Jeremy Banks Nov 21 '11 at 19:33
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You could do it with an if statement.

if(window.location.hostname == 'alias3'){
    window.location = 'ht55tp://alias3:alias3port/alias3website.htm';
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