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I'm having trouble figuring out what a commandResource actually looks like. The only example i've seen is listed below for Apache's page (not very helpful)

<sshexec host="somehost"

So my peice looks like this

<sshexec host="${host}" 

How do I design the format of Commands.txt? What i'd like to do is the following:

Command 1: sudo user runscript.sh

Command 2: "${password}" (password needs to be entered in the script as well)

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An example can be found in the relevant bug

touch 1.txt
mv 1.txt 2.txt
mv 2.txt 3.txt

Each line has to contain a command, that has to be executed.

What you are trying to do won't work. You can't set the password that way, this would not be a command but a console input.

Maybe you should just give the user the sudo rights to execute this script.

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