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I'd like to run ssh-copy-id iff the user doesn't already have their key on the server, so I've got a not_if directive in the execute block. I've verified that the not_if command returns 0, but the execute block runs anyway.

execute "add ssh key to #{shortname}" do
  not_if cmd # proceed only if server doesn't have this key
  command "echo 'If prompted for password it is already in your clipboard and you can just paste it in and hit enter'; ssh-copy-id deploy@#{hostname}"
  cmd = "ssh -o 'BatchMode yes' deploy@#{hostname} echo 'test'"
  puts cmd


drostie:chef-ops (ssh_copy_id)$ ssh -o 'BatchMode yes' deploy@jenkins01.c45477.blueboxgrid.com echo 'test'
drostie:chef-ops (ssh_copy_id)$ echo $?

Any ideas?

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Why not manage the user ssh keys on the target node that you're trying to copy it? –  jtimberman Aug 29 '12 at 15:11

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Try running it in debug. It'll give you a lot more information about why it believes it should be executing on every run.

chef-client -l debug
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I would guess your not_if command is successfully running on your host, but the inner result is an error code.

That is, ssh ran normally, was able to connect, ran your one liner, ( which had an error ), then ssh successfully exited, so the block was ran.

I would second @jtimberman's suggestion ( I hear he knows a thing or two about chef :) ) and aim to manage the ssh keys via databags, roles, or environments depending on context.

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