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I want to have more space between the header and the paragraph and between the paragraphs. I doesn't want this to be a global setting but I want to use it where and when required. Appreciate any suggestions.

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You can use vertical bars at the beginning of lines to produce blank lines in the output. Like this:



Paragraph with text.
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For LaTeX output, this adds far too much spacing, even when just used with a single pipe character. Seems the LaTeX DUlineblock that gets generated defaults to 2.5em height, and with paragraph spacing results in a lot more space than just one line. – davidjb Jun 17 '14 at 22:58

I just had this problem and as davidjb pointed out, using | gives you too much space on LaTeX output. This is how I solved it. Define the following:

.. |vspace| raw:: latex


Then you can put the following on the places where you want the vertical space to get appropriate vertical space:


If you want spaces in html output as well, you can define:

.. |vspace| raw:: latex


.. |br| raw:: html

   <br />

Then when you need the space, put:

|vspace| |br|
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