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Is there any kind of metadata in photos that Facebook processes that could be used to figure out if a photo originated from Facebook?

For example, is there any data I could extract from a resized jpg file downloaded from Facebook using ImageMagick or some other tool?

I don't see any way to do this right now other than to guess by filename (which I don't have in this case) or by dimensions.

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AFAICS there is no way to discover any special metadata or EXIF data in photos that are downloaded from Facebook.

'Originated from Facebook' (your expression) in any way is wrongly stated. People upload lots of stuff to Facebook, but that doesn't mean it originates from there...

If you can provide any sample of fotos you are thinking of, one could start investigating a bit closer....

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Right. By originated from Facebook I mean a photo that was downloaded from Facebook which presumably came from a camera. The first step would be to identify that a photo was downloaded from Facebook. Maybe I could make an educated guess using the EXIF if they always recompress a certain way but that's not worth the effort for a fuzzy match. Ultimately, my goal would be to detect that a photo was downsized and be able to prompt the user to find the original file if possible (imagine a photo printing website). I've reached a similar conclusion as you and don't see a reliable way to detect this. – jon_wu Sep 7 '12 at 0:12

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