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I am searching a syntax highlighter for iphone. I've search in this forum and in google, and I have found several answers, but I can't find the answer that I'm searching.

I want a library or a framework that can be imported to my project that includes syntax highlighting for the more languages possible, but the most important is objective-c. I would prefer if it's not in a UIWebView.

Sorry if the question isn't very exact, I'm pretty new in ios development, ask me by the comments if you need more information.


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You may try OkudaKit or UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument.

Not sure if they will compile for iOS, but I think these are your best guesses...

Otherwise, try ParseKit, and do the syntax highlighting part yourself with NSAttributedString.

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Thanks i would try it. –  Garoal Nov 21 '11 at 21:18

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