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I'm using this code to query/search twitter.

On occasion my query will have no results. I want to display a line of text if the query has no results. A link to my page is here.

I tried using jQuery :empty but it didn't work.

I'd really appreciate some help.



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It looks like the ninth example in your link has an example of how to handle a query with no results.

          avatar_size: 32,
          count: 4,
          query: rnd,
          loading_text: "searching twitter..."
        }).bind("empty", function() { $(this).append("No matching tweets found"); });

In your specific example you would do:

          avatar_size: 48,
          loading_text: "searching twitter...",
          query: "#sunday  from:Runs4Coffee OR from:mariaCBS13 OR from:Da_BEvans OR from:benhemmen OR from:brittany_franco OR from:BellaCMarlyn OR from:carlynveenkant OR from:HannibalsHood OR from:DirtCheapChickn OR from:RealKenyelAli OR from:RyeBeezy OR from:JaelynnDaSinger OR from:magichat OR from:Arabnblack OR from:statweestics OR from:mikegamboa04 OR from:Barnettrainer OR from:lahinke OR from:ParamountUK OR from:ryssaroo OR from:thewalkinmyth"
        }).bind("empty", function() { $(this).append("No matching tweets found"); });
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Great thank you. I should've seen that. – Brendon Nov 21 '11 at 21:30

Before line 221 of jquery.tweet.js:

var tweets = $.map(data.results || data, extract_template_data);

put something like

    $('#elementToDisplayNoItemsText').html('No items found');
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