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I am trying to make a chat application that will post a message into a memo in the form like this:

USERNAME-> Message

but it is posting to my memo like this:


Here is my code:

  cnMaxUserNameLen = 254;
  sUserName: string;
  dwUserNameLen: DWORD;
  text : string;
  dwUserNameLen := cnMaxUserNameLen - 1;
  SetLength(sUserName, cnMaxUserNameLen);
  GetUserName(PChar(sUserName), dwUserNameLen);
  SetLength(sUserName, dwUserNameLen);

  text:= sUserName + '-> ' + edit1.Text;

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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In addition to David's answer, you might want to consider only calling GetUserName the first time and saving the result, since it won't change during the run of this program. Then you save the overhead of repeated calls to SetLength, GetUserName and SetLength again; they're only called once. – Ken White Nov 21 '11 at 21:26
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The value returned in dwUserNameLen includes the null-terminator. And you are thus including it in the text. When the string is send to the Windows edit control behind the TMemo, the string is passed as a null-terminated string. And so the stray null from the user name terminates the data transfer.

Change the code like this:

SetLength(sUserName, dwUserNameLen-1);

You should also check the return value of GetUserName in case there is an error, but I will leave that detail to you.

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thank you! that fixed it... :) – connorbp Nov 21 '11 at 21:25

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