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I would like to create a java app that actually programaticlly compiles a differnt android project - Meaning i'd like to create .apk files by code. How would i go about this??? Is this feasible?


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If you want it to run on the Android device, I'd say it's not feasible. If you want it to run on a workstation (i.e., replicate Dalvik) it's feasible but why would you need it? –  antlersoft Nov 21 '11 at 21:42
No no, i mean compile a custom android package from a java "console application", Not on an android device. –  Menyh Nov 22 '11 at 6:52

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Sure, it could be done. If there is a way to build an Android project by command line, you can make those calls with Java I'm sure. See this and this link for information on building Android programs from the command line. From there, its simply invoking the correct commands in Java, maybe using Runtime.exec().

This will require a good understanding of the build process, and will most likely get very cumbersome. So an answer to your question as to whether or not it is feasible: no, it would be difficult.

You could use Ant to automate your build process.

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