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Im new to Prolog and was looking for some assistance. What i am trying to do is basically get a list L consisting of elements that repeat at least twice in a given list L'

Example L'=[1,2,1,3,4,3,2] => L=[1,2,3].

So far I am able to compute the occurrence of every consecutive variables

% pack(L1,L2) :- the list L2 is obtained from the list L1 by packing
%    repeated occurrences of elements into separate sublists.
%    (list,list) (+,?)

pack([X|Xs],[Z|Zs]) :- transfer(X,Xs,Ys,Z), pack(Ys,Zs).

% transfer(X,Xs,Ys,Z) Ys is the list that remains from the list Xs
%    when all leading copies of X are removed and transfered to Z

transfer(X,[Y|Ys],[Y|Ys],[X]) :- X \= Y.
transfer(X,[X|Xs],Ys,[X|Zs]) :- transfer(X,Xs,Ys,Zs).

% encode(L1,L2) :- the list L2 is obtained from the list L1 by run-length
%    encoding. Consecutive duplicates of elements are encoded as terms [N,E],
%    where N is the number of duplicates of the element E.
%    (list,list) (+,?)

encode(L1,L2) :- pack(L1,L), transform(L,L2).

transform([[X|Xs]|Ys],[[N,X]|Zs]) :- length([X|Xs],N), transform(Ys,Zs).

which will return the following list of touples

?- encode([a,a,a,a,b,c,c,a,a,d,e,e,e,e],X).
X = [[4,a],[1,b],[2,c],[2,a],[1,d][4,e]]

But there still remains the problem of building a list that will contain distinct elements that repeat at least twice.

If anyone can help me or point me in the general direction that would be great.

Thanks in advance

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an element E of list L should:
   be a member of list L',
   be a member of list L'' where L'' is list L' if we remove element E.

check select/3, member/2, findall/3 and/or setof/3

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You could write a procedure:

% E it's the list of are elements from L that repeat at least twice
elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice(L, E) :-
  elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice(L, [], E).

elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice([H|Ls], Dupl, E) :-

In elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice the added list Dupl will keep each element you verify it's present multiple times. Examine each element of L, using [H|Ls]. Use memberchk/2 to verify if H is in L: then it's at least duplicate. If it's not yet in Dupl, add to it, and recurse. Remember to write the recursion base case (stop at empty list []).

Now I see you have added some code: then I complete suggestion:

elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice([], Dupl, Dupl).
elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice([H|Ls], Dupl, E) :-
  (  memberchk(H, Ls)
  -> ( \+ memberchk(H, Dupl)
     -> Dupl1 = [H|Dupl]
     ;  Dupl1 = Dupl
  ;  Dupl1 = Dupl
  elements_that_repeat_at_least_twice(Ls, Dupl1, E).

Remember to reverse the list of duplicates when done.

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