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I have a servlet filter which I want to map to in Jetty. I have put a servlet filter mapping with url pattern /*. However, the filter is not called. I also tried with / mapping. It does not work either. How is this caused and how can I solve it?

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Is it a tomcat server? You can try bundling your app as root.war and deploy it. – srkavin Nov 21 '11 at 22:23
actually, no... it's a jetty – fernandohur Nov 21 '11 at 22:24
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If you name your war root.war it will be deployed to the root / context.

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2 things, first, I use jetty because it's the default server in the GWT-GAE plugin for eclipse, so I have no Idea how to do that. Second, I dont think the GAE uses jetty, so how could I fix this for the GAE. – fernandohur Nov 23 '11 at 3:46
Consider asking another question, so others can help you with GWT and GAE specific items. This question was generic and was answered to the best of our knowledge, given the details. – Beau Grantham Nov 23 '11 at 13:04

You can redirect requests from "/" to "/urlToRedirect" and handle "/urlToRedirect" by special servlet. Like in example:

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    Servlet frontend = new Frontend();

    Server server = new Server(8080);
    ServletContextHandler context = new ServletContextHandler(ServletContextHandler.SESSIONS);
    context.addServlet(new ServletHolder(frontend), "/index");
    context.addServlet(new ServletHolder(frontend), "/auth");

    ResourceHandler resource_handler = new ResourceHandler();

    RewriteHandler rewriteHandler = new RewriteHandler();
    RedirectRegexRule rule = new RedirectRegexRule();

    HandlerList handlers = new HandlerList();
    handlers.setHandlers(new Handler[]{rewriteHandler, resource_handler, context});

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The Jetty web-app deployment doc mentions that the wep-app can be packaged as root.war to have a root context /

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Each application in jetty is deployed to its context - meaning it have some part after the slash - i.e - your servlet mapping is realitve to the last slash - not the one before context

As mentioned in the other answers you must deploy the application as root.war to overcome this.

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Optionally you could create a directory with name root under $JETTY_HOME/webapps and copy your web app contents into $JETTY_HOME/webapps/root

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