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I have exported a CSV file from a database. Certain fields are longer text chunks, and can contain newlines. What would be the simplest way of removing only newlines from this file that are inside double quotes, but preserving all others?

I don't care if it uses a Bash command line one liner or a simple script as long as it works.

For example,

"Value1", "Value2", "This is a longer piece
    of text with
    newlines in it.", "Value3"
"Value4", "Value5", "Another value", "value6"

The newlines inside of the longer piece of text should be removed, but not the newline separating the two rows.

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Could the values contain escaped quotes? –  Mark Byers Nov 21 '11 at 22:47

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In Python:

import csv
with open("input.csv", "rb") as input, open("output.csv", "wb") as output:
    w = csv.writer(output)
    for record in csv.reader(input):
        w.writerow(tuple(s.remove("\n") for s in record))
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+1 for using the csv module to parse CSV files. –  Mark Byers Nov 21 '11 at 22:48
@MarkByers: Thanks. I think this handles quoting more configurably than easily possible with regular expressions. –  Sven Marnach Nov 21 '11 at 22:51

Here's a solution in Python:

import re
pattern = re.compile(r'".*?"', re.DOTALL)
print pattern.sub(lambda x: x.group().replace('\n', ''), text)

See it working online: ideone

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This is very simplistic but might work for you:

# cat <<\! | sed ':a;/"$/{P;D};N;s/\n//g;ba'                            
> "Value1", "Value2", "This is a longer piece
>     of text with
>     newlines in it.", "Value3"
> "Value4", "Value5", "Another value", "value6"
> !
"Value1", "Value2", "This is a longer piece    of text with    newlines in it.", "Value3"
"Value4", "Value5", "Another value", "value6"
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