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I'm using jQuery templates to build a tree. It works very well so far, but I came across an issue when trying to determine if an item is at the root level or not.

I use a template similar to that of render tree items:

<script id="tree-row-tmpl" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl">
    <div class="row ${NodeType}">
        <a href="#">${Name}</a>
    {{if expanded}}
            {{tmpl($data.chidren || []) "#tree-row-tmpl"}}

Now in the link click handler I try to determine root node using:


It turned out the root tmplItem.parent is not null (as I expected), but contains an object with two properties: {data:{}, key:0}. I see that I can check item.parent.parent or one of the properties which exist in regular tmplItem and missing in the root object. But this seems like a kind of hack for me - I'd prefer finding an "official" way of verifying a tmplItem whether it's empty or valid.

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