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I do research at my school by sshing into one of the machines in our lab. I do not have root access to these machines, so when I need to install new Python modules I typically build them in a local directory and modify my PYTHONPATH to point to this directory, rather than installing them to the standard directories (which I don't have permissions to). This has worked fine for several packages in the past, but with Numpy running

python setup.py install

seems to work, but there is no __config__.py file in the built directory. (The one it's supposed to import the module from) This causes the line in __init__.py

from numpy.__config__ import show as show_config

to raise an ImportError. I can't figure out why __config__.py isn't being generated as Numpy seems to assume that it will be. Running the build script seems to work; it completes with no troubling error messages. I've looked but can't find any answers to this. Please help.

I am using Python 2.6.2.

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Well, I got numpy working by setting PYTHONPATH to point to the build/libXXX folder, but I was doing so to install scipy, which still demands some files as dependencies that don't exist in the either build directory I was trying. But that's another issue.

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