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Why does this event handler in RaphaelJS (2.0.0) run straight away and not when you click on it?

function enlarge (shape) {
  shape.animate({'transform' : 's2'}, 200);

jQuery(function () {
  var paper = Raphael("canvas", 1000, 1000);
  var button =, 50, 20);

  var circle =, 50, 20);

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Fyi, if you replace jQuery(function () { with jQuery(function ($) { you can use $ inside that function instead of having to write jQuery all the time. (even though in your case it doesn't matter since you aren't using it) – ThiefMaster Nov 21 '11 at 23:50
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.mousedown() expects a function reference as its argument. Instead, you are calling a function, and all .mousedown() gets as its parameter is undefined. Since you need to pass circle to enlarge() you can't pass a reference to enlarge directly. Instead, wrap your call to enlarge() in a function:

button.mousedown(function () {
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Because you call it straight away.

Replace button.mousedown(enlarge(circle)); with this code:

button.mousedown(function() {
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