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I am trying to set up my Sound Manager (FMOD) to play a background music and other action sounds on different channels, as I understand that this is the only way of having simultaneous sounds with FMOD.... My setup is below, if I call playRepeat and then playOnce the first track stops!

void SoundMgr::addSound(char *path, string n){
    Sound* s;
    fmodsys->createSound(path, FMOD_SOFTWARE | FMOD_2D | FMOD_CREATESTREAM, 0, &s);

    soundMap.insert(pair<string,Sound*>(n, s));

void SoundMgr::playOnce(string name){

        soundMap.find(name)->second, true, &fmodchn);
    fmodchn->setPosition(0, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_PCM);

void SoundMgr::playRepeat(string name){

        soundMap.find(name)->second, true, &backChn);
    backChn->setPosition(0, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_PCM);


...despite the fact that I AM using two separate channels.... am I missing something?

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The issue was that I was only initialising FMOD with one channel


Changing that to a higher number made the setup above work ok!

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