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How can I express to PostgreSQL that I want values simultaneously from several hierarchical levels in an XPath query?

I have a document (in a PostgreSQL XML value) with a multi-level hierarchy. For this question, an example can be created with:

        <parrot name="Fred">
            <descriptor>Beautiful plumage</descriptor>
        <parrot name="Ethel">
            <descriptor>Pining for the fjords</descriptor>
    ') AS document

I can get different levels of information from that document.

        (XPATH('./@name', parrot.node))[1] AS name
    FROM (             
            UNNEST(XPATH('./parrot', parrot_xml.document))
                AS node
        FROM parrot_xml
        ) AS parrot
(2 rows)

        (XPATH('./text()', descriptor.node))[1] AS descriptor
    FROM (
            UNNEST(XPATH('./parrot/descriptor', parrot_xml.document))
                AS node
        FROM parrot_xml
        ) AS descriptor
 Beautiful plumage
 Pining for the fjords
(4 rows)

What I can't figure out, though, is how to get multiple levels joined, so that the query returns each descriptor related with the parrot to which it applies.

        ??? AS name,
        ??? AS descriptor
 name         descriptor       
------- -----------------------
 Fred    Beautiful plumage     
 Fred    Resting               
 Ethel   Pining for the fjords 
 Ethel   Stunned               
(4 rows)

How can this be done? What should go in place of the “???”s?

A single complex XPath query – but how to refer to multiple levels at once? Several XPath queries – but then how is the ancestor–descendant information preserved for the resulting relation? Something else?

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Try this:

SELECT (xpath('./@name', parrot.node))[1] AS name
     , unnest(xpath('./descriptor/text()', parrot.node)) AS descriptor
FROM  (             
   SELECT unnest(xpath('./parrot', parrot_xml.document)) AS node
   FROM   parrot_xml
   ) parrot;

Produces exactly the requested output.

First, in the subquery, I retrieve whole parrot-nodes. One node per row.

Next, I get the name and the descriptors with xpath(). Both are arrays. I take the first (and only) element of name and split the descriptor array with `unnest(), thereby arriving at the desired result.

I wrote a comprehensive answer to a related question recently. May be of interest to you.

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Very nice, but it also shows the limitations of handling XML with PostgreSQL. Hmmm. An xslt_process() with an <xsl:output method="pgtable"/> option would be perfect :-). –  Tim Landscheidt Feb 26 '12 at 15:30

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