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Trying to: get all users by using the query in the below script into an array

Looking to get output like this:

$existing_users=array('value','value','value', 'value'...)

Php Script:

$connect = mysql_connect($h, $u, $p) or die ("Cant Connect to Database.");

$q = mysql_query("SELECT uUName FROM User");

    while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($q, MYSQL_NUM)) { 
        echo " '$row'.','";

// $existing_users=array('joe','warren','tim'); 
# ^^^^ manual way of doing it

//value got from the get metho
//checking weather user exists or not in $existing_users array
if (in_array($user_name, $existing_users))
    //user name is not availble
    echo "no";
    //user name is available
    echo "yes";

How do I accomplish this? I know my while/array formation is a bit off there, how do I fix this?


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If you want to check if the username is available, you can make a select like this: SELECT uUName FROM User WHERE uUName = '$user_name'; If the select has data, the username is not available. Of course, you have to validate your input data first. – EmCo Nov 22 '11 at 0:41
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$existing_users = Array();

while(list($username) = mysql_fetch_row($q)) $existing_users[] = $username;

mysql_fetch_row($q) will give you Array(0 => result:uUName)

so list($xxx) = mysql_fetch_row($q) - $xxx is first element of Array(0 => result:uUName) equals your result:uUName.

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Peter, thanks for the prompt response and explanation! – Pea-Ech-Pea Nov 22 '11 at 0:42

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