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I'm asking this question since SO isn't particularly well suited for this kind of task since it was designed for asking questions like this one. Therefore I neither ask it relative to SO. I ask whether there is a tool better suited for programming-related discussion than old-mannered forums, mailing lists, wikis, IRC, or afk chatting.

A tool like this would allow people to distill interesting discussion, summarize it, help them to logically analyze it and present constructive discussion better than any of the services I just described could.

So go on, answer and I'll see which answer matches best.

(Not tagging this 'discussion', because even if it relates, the discussion-tag is used to ignore questions that require discussion. This question is clearly not such, because a person can answer to the question with a name of software.)

(Why am I needing this kind of app? More I get out of the wake of very skilled people, harder questions I hit with very hard answers or with no answer at all. Unless I spend for many months or years seeking for answers to such questions - or even worse, seeking for answer just to notice there's no answer - I think there's few other ways to answer such questions than setting up a discussion about them. Also I believe many people ask same questions over again so at the best I wouldn't need to even ask questions, they'd be asked already for me. I'd only need to locate them then. ... I guess I'm really lazy when asking this one.)

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No. There isn't.

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Maybe it's reasonable to assume this after looking up for a while. – Cheery May 19 '10 at 6:21

What you're looking for is a community of people to talk to, not a tool. If people wish to discuss what they love, they will - no matter what tool they're forced to use to do it.

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Yeh. It seems so they pretty much discuss, most upvoted questions in stackoverflow have certain soapbox factor in them. Anyway that's not a problem. The problem is how do you get the information you need or want. – Cheery May 19 '10 at 6:21

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