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I've heard it's offset.width, document.documentElement.clientWidth, and window.innerWidth

I'm curious for projects which I cannot use jQuery on, which solution I should use?

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See for yourself. It uses different things. document.documentElement.clientWidth is among them.

It can also use document.body.clientWidth

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function windowWidth() {
    var docElemProp = window.document.documentElement.clientWidth,
        body = window.document.body;
    return window.document.compatMode === "CSS1Compat" && docElemProp || body && body.clientWidth || docElemProp;

Taken (and modified slightly from the jQuery source:


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The above property returns the same value as $( window ).width().

Live demo: http://jsfiddle.net/Jukh9/1/show/

However, IE8 does not implement this property...

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