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I developed an application using the JRE 7.0.0. In the simulator the app works fine, but when I tried to install this application in the 9300 with OS 6.0.0 it doesn't work. Do I need to recompile the application with JRE 6.0.0 or can I change something in the .alx file???

Here's my .alx

<loader version="1.0">
<application id="Sistema">
    <name >

    <description >

    <version >
    <vendor >
        BlackBerry Developer
    <copyright >
        Copyright (c) 2011 BlackBerry Developer
    <fileset Java="1.54" _blackberryVersion="[7.0.0)">
        <directory >
        <files >




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Compile your file with blackberry jde version 6, then it will run. There is no backward compatibility. If you compile the file with jde version 7 it will run on blackberry version 7 or greater and will not run on blackberry 6 and if you compile it with version 6 it will run on version 6 and greater than version 6.

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