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In the early days of SharePoint 2007 beta, I've come across the ability to customize the template used to emit the RSS feeds from lists. I can't find it again. Anybody know where it is?

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Do you mean the xml structure itself or just the columns being displayed? –  Mauro Sep 17 '08 at 11:42
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Ah, found it, based on a subtle hint from Jan Tielens. It's on the Settings page for the list, under Communications -> RSS settings.
/layouts/listsyndication.aspx?List=<list id>*

I could have sworn there was more, like an actual template file you could customize.

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I my search, also came across Customize RSS for the Content Query Web Part

"After you customize the Content Query Web Part to display the fields and content you want, you can set up the Web Part to emit a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed of that content."

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