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I have a quick question about keyup with jquery. I have several form input fields on one page, they all have different id's but are all either one of two classes - numberbox or textbox and are all contained in a div id - content. Can I use these classes or the div to catch keypresses as I won't know the id of the form? Or even just catch the keypresses for all forms on the page. I don't know how well I explained that:

This will work with a form id= "add"

          $(add).keyup(function () {
             value = $(add).val()

But if I don't know the form id only it's class or the div it is contained it can I use that? So something like:

 $(.class).keyup(function () {


 $(#div).keyup(function () {

I may have explained that really badly, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Sounds like this is what you want:

$(".textbox, .numberbox").keyup(function () 
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 $('form input:text').keyup(function(){

this will add keyup function on all input type text inside all forms.

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