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The following nav bar code produces a nav bar with 6 slots when logged out (e.g. Send, Get, Account, Sign in, Full, and blank. The max for the nav bar is 5 items without wrapping. I want jquery mobile to recognize that there are only 5 items. Is there some syntax for accomplishing this?


<div data-role="navbar">
        <li><%= link_to "Send",  %></li>
        <li><%= link_to "Get",   %></li>
        <li><%= link_to "Account", root_path %></li>
        <% if user_signed_in? %>
          <li><%= link_to "Sign out", destroy_user_session_path, :method => :delete %></li>
        <% else %>
          <li><%= link_to "Sign in", new_user_session_path %></li>
        <% end %>
        <% if mobile_device? %>
          <li><%= link_to "Full", :mobile => 0 %></li>
        <% else %>
           <li><%= link_to "Mobile", :mobile => 1 %></li>
        <% end %>


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  before_filter :prepare_for_mobile


   def mobile_device?
     if session[:mobile_param]
      session[:mobile_param] == "1"
       request.user_agent =~ /Mobile|webOS/

   helper_method :mobile_device?

   def prepare_for_mobile
     session[:mobile_param] = params[:mobile] if params[:mobile]
     request.format = :mobile if mobile_device?
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Is this copied from your project? Your code should only be producing 5 <li> elements by my count.

I notice the second <ul> element is not a close tag--that should be </ul>


Try commenting out your code and pasting this in:

<div data-role="navbar">
    <li><%= link_to "Test", "" %></li>
    <li><%= link_to "Test", "" %></li>
    <li><%= link_to "Test", "" %></li>
    <li><%= link_to "Test", "" %></li>
    <li><%= link_to "Test", "" %></li>

Something tells me that this is going to wrap too--in which case 4 is your max (at least with the current styling)

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I agree with you on the 5 <li>s but the result is 5 with a blank item position. I'm going to try and put up a screen shot. As for the <ul>, I edited the closing tag to reflect what it is in my code </ul>. I copied and pasted it from my code, the only thing I can think of is pressed Ctrl-K to format the code it changed that tag. – ponzicoder Nov 22 '11 at 3:44
could you also paste in the snippet this renders to on mobile and on desktop? – Eric Hu Nov 22 '11 at 3:48
Ah, I meant the HTML code generated. The image actually looks like there are only 5 lis. Have you been able to make an unordered list with 5 list items that does not wrap? It's possible that this is a sizing issue (test it out by using the code in my edit) – Eric Hu Nov 22 '11 at 6:24
You are absolutely correct. I tested it and the same thing happens, even when the link test is 1,2,3,4,5. – ponzicoder Nov 22 '11 at 14:33
Received an answer in jquery mobile forum, you must use either add data-grid="d" to the data-role or .ui-grid-d to the list. A reference in the docs can be found here – ponzicoder Nov 22 '11 at 18:48

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