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As the question here States, I am trying to capture an image with my web-camera. I am running Windows 7 (bootcamp) and have a camera connected as seen in the following screen capture.

Screen shot showing devices

But for some reason I can't seem to get the following code to work (it's from the link given in the other question):

Capture capture = new Capture(CaptureType.ANY); //fezzes on this line
viewer.Image = capture.QueryFrame();

It dies with out telling me anything about what happened (after I force close the window)

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What do you mean "it dies"? Is there a runtime error that is thrown? If so, what is the error? –  user596075 Nov 22 '11 at 3:23
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Your code looks questionable take a look at the Cameracapture example provided with EMGU I do not now where you get CaptureType.ANY from but your code should be

Capture capture = new Capture(); 
viewer.Image = capture.QueryFrame();

While the link is valid it's old and outdated (2009).

Here is the slightly edited code from the example that you will need:

private Capture _capture;

        _capture = new Capture();
    catch (NullReferenceException excpt)

    if (_capture != null)
        Application.Idle += ProcessFrame;

private void ProcessFrame(object sender, EventArgs arg)
    Image<Bgr, Byte> frame = _capture.QueryFrame();
    Picturebox1.Image = frame.ToBitmap(); //Display image in standard Picture Box

You only need to add a variable to the Capture capture = new Capture() method call if you have more than one camera or if your reading from a video file

//For example if I had two video Cameras
Capture capture = new Capture(0); //CAM1
Capture capture = new Capture(1); //CAM2

//For a Video File
Capture capture = new Capture(@"C:/..../Myvideofile.avi"); 

I hope this helps you out if not try with a USB camera to ensure it's not a conflict with EMGU (OpenCV) not being able to access the device.



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Try this:

_capture = new Capture(Emgu.CV.CvEnum.CaptureType.DSHOW);

This works great for me.

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