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How can I, in C, output a value from a syscall to the Linux console so that it will be visible after a dmesg? What method do I use for printing?

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You're looking for the printk() function; some documentation on the types that it supports is found in Documentation/printk-formats.txt. It is defined in kernel/printk.c.

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I assume you mean in the user-space. You can write the string to /dev/kmsg. In shell, just echo it. In C, it would be also very easy.

[root@cr0 ~]# echo hello > /dev/kmsg
[root@cr0 ~]# dmesg | tail -1
[24156.408735] hello

But if you mean in kernel space, of course, you need to call printk().

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In addition, you might be interested (even if that does not answer exactly your question), by the openlog & syslog functions. From within an application, they are the proper way to get system logging.

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