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I create a graph in SPSS and can go in and change the colours and other visual properties. But then when I create another graph, it uses the old default properties again. I can see the code when I create the graph but not for the changes I make to its appearance. I have to create 150 graphs and want them all to come out with my preferred colours etc but can’t work out how to do it.

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Editing a single graph has no effect on default settings. You have two ways to do what you want.

  1. Edit the preference settings via Edit>Options>Charts. You can set default colors, color cycles, line styles, patterns, etc but not everything
  2. Make a chart. Edit it to your satisfaction. Then use File>Save Template to save the properties you want to have apply to other charts. You get to pick from a long list of properties. Then, for future charts, include this template in the creation code. In the Chart Builder, you can set this template using the Options subdialog.
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Step A

When you are done editing a graph use file -> Save template

For next graph choose your saved template

Your settings will now be used in your new graph. In this way you can create a bunch of templates depending on what kind of graph and layout you would like.

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