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I receive a callback at a specific path, together with a query result:


When I try to match this route to a particular action

  devise_scope :user do 
    match 'auth/callback'  => 'my_authorization#callback'

I got an error message:

Could not find devise mapping for path "/auth/callback?oauth_token=85d3&oauth_verifier=406123". Maybe you forgot to wrap your route inside the scope block? For example: devise_scope :user do match "/some/route" => "some_devise_controller" end 

I suspect that may be the query result after question mark messed it up. Am I right? How can I map it to a particular action?

Thank you.

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You've scoped this under :user. So I believe this route would match /user/auth/callback and not just /auth/callback.

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Thanks, Soliah. Your answer pointed me to a right direction. –  AdamNYC Nov 22 '11 at 14:50

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