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I have problem getting statistics information from youtube data api. I make a request to, it works for some, but for some video id, the response does not contain 'entry', 'yt$statistics', 'gd$rating' for example:

zLcbznigfs missing 'entry', aVfN6XjACDY missing 'yt$statistics', fjhQ9Kf4iHk missing 'gd$rating'
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The field seems to be present in the feed. "yt$statistics": { "favoriteCount": "215", "viewCount": 67476" } – Alexandru Jan 23 '12 at 14:36

After moving around, i found out the solution for this: use &alt=atom instead of using &alt=json, which means that we better read from Atom feed than JSON (and feedparser is an excellent module for doing this). I have checked this with several video id, it works fine.

Hope that help. Thanks.

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