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I've a JPanel with a grid of JLabels added. I'd like the JPanel to contain a MouseListener to listen for clicks, but the JLabels seem to be in the way and no MouseEvent fires when clicking where a JLabels are located.

Is there a way to listen through a component's children to have MouseEvents fire with the parent?

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Can the parent add itself as a listener whenever a component is added? –  Nate W. Nov 22 '11 at 5:55

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MouseEvents are dispatched to the top-most (in z-order) component that is enabled for them, that has a mouseListener registered on it or internally has set the eventMask to handle them. While typically a JLabel is transparent (and thus the events should reach the underlying panel), they might get event-opaque by f.i. setting a tooltip.

In jdk 7, you can use a JLayer to get hold of all (mouse) events delivered to the parent. It's predecessor for jdk6 is the JXLayer project in SwingLabs. Yet another option is to use an AWTEventListener, as described in Rob's blog (beware: might not be allowed in security restricted contexts)

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Thank you very much for the well-explained answer. I do have tool tips on each of the JLabels, I didn't even think of that. –  Lucas Morgan Nov 22 '11 at 14:23

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