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Working through the classes section in the O'reilley book and they seem to be indicating the below should work:

class Point
  def initialize(x,y)
    @x, @y = x, y

  def x

  def y

  def to_s

p = Point.new(5,0)
q = Point.new(p.x*2, p.y*2)
q.x = 0
puts q.x

In theory, I'm expecting it to print 0, instead my compiler is returning a NoMethodError upon trying to perform q.x = 0. Anything jumping out at you guys?

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"(#@x,#@y)" should be "(#{@x},#{@y})". –  steenslag Nov 22 '11 at 7:25

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That code should not work, as there is no method x= defined (as per the error message). There might be an errata online?

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Not sure it's necessarily errata, but certainly not clearly defined in the text, thanks for your response! –  Tim Lindsey Nov 22 '11 at 21:18

In Ruby, an assignment operation for classes is yet another method, so that you should add following to your code:

class Point
  def x=(value)
    @x = value

  def y=(value)
    @y = value
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q.x = 0 can work only when you have a setter for x in Point class

def x=(x)
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