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  1. html file on local server (inside our organization) with link to an exe on the same server.
  2. clicking the link runs the exe on the client. Instead I want it to offer downloading it.

Tried so far:

  1. Changed permissions on the exe's virtual directory to be read and script.
  2. Added Content-disposition header on the exe's directory.
  3. I can't change settings in the browser. It's intended for a lot of people to consume.
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You need to set content-disposition in the HTTP header.

This Microsoft Knowledge Base entry has more detail on how to do this.

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Runs them where: on the server, or on the client? If on the server: set the handler mappings of the file so that CGI-exe is disabled. If on the client: then this is a web browser issue - it shouldn't be running EXEs directly! What browser is it?

As Dave Webb mentions, you could use the Content-Disposition HTTP header: these can be added using HTTP Response Headers in IIS7 for that directory/file.

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Whether a file is downloaded or opened automatically is a browser, not a server, side setting.

The other way of doing it would be to change the MIME type for the file to something like application/octet-stream or similar to try and force your browser to download it.

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