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I have a VideoView playing video at the center of the screen.After sometime, a msg view will pop up.

The position for this msg view is: part of the view is inside the VideoView area (which means this part actually is overlapped with the VideoView) while the other part is outside range of the VideoView area.

My problem is I found out that when the msg view pops up, the part which is outside the VideoView area will be shown immediately, however the other part, i.e.the part that is overlapped with the VideoView is shown around 1 sec later.

I have no idea why it is so and how to solve this issue.

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Video view is quite special - it is surface view, and basically it is a black hole in your interface - pixels are renderend by some other application ( camera ) bypassing you view hierarchy completely. It is possible to put overlaz over it, but it takes a big amount of synchronisation of your layout events / calls with video camera software. This leads to delay for your pixel refresh.

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