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Possible Duplicate:
Code formatter / beautifier for C on Linux for Emacs user

I have about 50 C files (.c and .h) that have a mixture or tabs and spaces in them. When I deploy the application to say AIX or Solaris and view the files in VI, they look really messy with all the inconsistent indentation.

Is there a way to easily "pretty print" all the files in say a tool like Geany or Scite on Linux?

I am trying to avoid going through each line of code and re-indenting it.

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You could [Ctrl+H or Ctrl+F or F3] replace all the tabs with spaces in your favorite editor. – Mateen Ulhaq Nov 22 '11 at 7:24
@muntoo, tabs used in the middle of a line may not always end up as the same number of spaces – bdonlan Nov 22 '11 at 7:28

One option would be GNU Indent.

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I find astyle to be the most well-rounded formatter. I use it in some of my pre-commit hooks so that any non-conforming code gets corrected before getting committed to the remote or local repository.

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I use BCPP for C/C++ on Linux, and I love it.

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