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I have created a facebook application for integrating facebook credits.It is working fine but i have some doubts regarding on that In call back payment get items function i have used this code for assigning order information

 if ($func == 'payments_get_items') {
// remove escape characters  
$order_info = stripcslashes($payload['order_info']);
 if (is_string($order_info)) {  
$item = json_decode($order_info, true);
$item['item_id'] = intval($item['GreeID']);

I want to get the item_id in 'payments_status_update update function.I have used $payload['order_details'] method .I am getting all the values in a json format.But when i use json_decode the purchase is not working properly.Is their any other method to get the item_id inside payments_status_update function

if ($func == 'payments_status_update')
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$order_info = json_decode(preg_replace('/:(\d+)/', ':"${1}"',stripcslashes($payload['order_details'])),true);
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