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I have a table called articles and I would like to retrieve all articles that contain a tag, in the articleTags field. The articleTags field contains a set of comma delimited strings (the tags).

If I am trying to find an article that contains the tag php from a table it should return results that had a articleTags field that looks like this -

  • php
  • c++,php,python

If I was doing this in PHP, I would simple use explode, but I don't want to go through every row in the database, and instead use a more efficient method.

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you could use the like operator

select * from articles where tag like '%php%'

if you are worried about tags which are not php but have php in them like say phphp then you can use with comma

select * from articles where tag like '%php,%' or tag like '%,php%'
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it match:

  1. php
  2. randomwordphp
  3. phprandomword
  4. randomphpword


FROM articles
WHERE articleTags LIKE "%php%"
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In Oracle you can use "Oracle text"

And simply query data like

select * from articles where contains(fieldName, contentText) > 0

About Oracle text queries you can read here

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Not using Oracle, but thanks anyways – liamzebedee Nov 22 '11 at 8:24

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