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I have been trying very hard to style the text size and colour on android 3.2. When attempting to override the default style with

<item name="android:numberPickerInputTextStyle">@style/numberPickerInputText</item>

I always get this error:

error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name: attr 'android:numberPickerInputTextStyle'.

Why is this so? I am pretty sure I selected the correct style to override (dug it from the platform 13 API folder)

I looked in these places.. seems like it cant be helped!

No resource found that matches the given name '@android:style/AlertDialog' error after the latest android 3.2 sdk update

This blog below said something about importing the styles into my application. How is it supposed to be done? examples?

Can someone please point me to the right direction? Thanks!

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Quick and dirty way.. apply it after you show the dialog. Not a good solution but it works.. still looking for other solutions :)

//Should'nt be here but well..
public static void changeDialogTextSize(Dialog dialog) {
    TextView tvMessage = (TextView)dialog.findViewById(;
    if (tvMessage != null)
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