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I have map for replacement words:

$map = array(
  'word1' => 'replacement1',
  'word2 blah' => 'replacement 2',

I need to replace words in string. But replacement should be executed only when string is word:

  • It is not in the middle of some other word ex. textword1 will not be replaced with replacement1 because it is part of another token.
  • Separators must be saved, but words before/after them should be replaced.

I could split string with regexp to words but this does not work when there will be mapped values with few tokens (like word2 blah).

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Not sure if it would do the job by its self, but you will likely want to look into the word boundary \b. – Corbin Nov 22 '11 at 9:04

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$map = array(   'foo' => 'FOO',
                'over' => 'OVER');

// get the keys.
$keys = array_keys($map);

// get the values.
$values = array_values($map);

// surround each key in word boundary and regex delimiter
// also escape any regex metachar in the key
foreach($keys as &$key) {
        $key = '/\b'.preg_quote($key).'\b/';

// input string.    
$str = 'Hi foo over the foobar in stackoverflow';

// do the replacement using preg_replace                
$str = preg_replace($keys,$values,$str);

See it

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