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I noticed that Play! logs don't always flush immediately after calling log4j's logger.log().

I created a log4j.properties file in the conf folder, set the root logger to INFO, and am using log4j for printing logs.

I have one action that always emits a log message, yet I need to call it twice before I see anything in the log file - and after I call it twice I see two log lines.

The conclusion is that output redirection into logs/system.out is not automatically flushed.

Is there a configuration that will make Play! auto-flush the logs after each write?

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Play logger doesn't cache anything. So it's a problem of log4j. If you use a file logger you can define the buffer-size and force log4j to write directly.

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I'm currently using a console logger, that Play redirects to a file. –  ripper234 Nov 29 '11 at 14:56

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