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How to replace a string in an existing file in Perl?

I need to create a subroutine that does a search and replace in file.

Here's the contents of myfiletemplate.txt:

Here's my replacement string: ABCD

I need to replace all instances of <PREF> to ABCD

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Quick and dirty:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

open(FILE, "</tmp/yourfile.txt") || die "File not found";
my @lines = <FILE>;

my @newlines;
foreach(@lines) {
   $_ =~ s/<PREF>/ABCD/g;

open(FILE, ">/tmp/yourfile.txt") || die "File not found";
print FILE @newlines;

Perhaps it i a good idea not to write the result back to your original file; instead write it to a copy and check the result first.

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You could also do this:


use strict;
use warnings;

$^I = '.bak'; # create a backup copy 

while (<>) {
   s/<PREF>/ABCD/g; # do the replacement
   print; # print to the modified file

Invoke the script with by

./script.pl input_file

You will get a file named input_file, containing your changes, and a file named input_file.bak, which is simply a copy of the original file.

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A one liner:

perl -pi.back -e 's/<PREF>/ABCD/g;' inputfile
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