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I have a form where i enter min price and max price when creating product details. In the product search i have also 2 fields called min and max. So how can i get the result of given range considering the range given when inserting products


min  max

10    15
15    30
20    30 

In the search form i insert min as 5 and max as 16. Which products i will get in the result and whats the best theory for searching considering practical situations.

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Do you want products returned where the product price range overlaps any part of the search range, or only where the whole product price range is contained within the search range? – Mark Bannister Nov 22 '11 at 10:02
@Mark Bannister that's what i am confused about too. I don't have a exact requirement. What i want is to provide the best solution from the users perspective. – Rakhitha Nimesh Nov 22 '11 at 10:11
You have already accepted an answer. I would have suggested seeking clarification from whoever specified that a search range should be available; if clarification was unavailable, add an option so that the user could specify overlapping or entirely contained ranges. – Mark Bannister Nov 22 '11 at 10:24
yep good suggestion to ask from user before they start the search . thanks – Rakhitha Nimesh Nov 22 '11 at 11:35
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Compare opposite ends of each range to find products in the overlap:

select * from products
where min < $max and max > $min

This approach works well for date ranges too.

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So in this case first two rows will be selected. – Pheonix Nov 22 '11 at 9:53
Thanks for the quick response. Solution looks simple and excellent. – Rakhitha Nimesh Nov 22 '11 at 10:03
select * from products where min>=5 and max<=16

so based on this you will get

Row -> 10, 15

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This solution is perfect. But we will get limited search results and potentially miss products we can buy. thanks – Rakhitha Nimesh Nov 22 '11 at 10:07

The BETWEEN operator selects a range of data between two values. The values can be numbers, text, or dates.

SQL BETWEEN Operator tutorial

For example:

WHERE price
BETWEEN $min AND $max
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this does not exactly solve my problem – Rakhitha Nimesh Nov 22 '11 at 10:08

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