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I set up a rails app on a laptop, and started local git repository on that lap top.

I've copied that app folder onto another machine - using copy & paste.

From the second machine, I'm trying to deploy the app to Heroku.

I'm getting the following error -

 ! not authorized to access little-extras

I'd like to change the repo to be associated with the email I use for on my second laptop. As this is the email I have connected to my heroku account.

how can I do this?

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Your ssh key is associated with a different account than you created the application with. One way to deal with this is to share the app with the account that the ssh key is associated with:

heroku sharing:add
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I'd guess you probably need to run heroku auth:login.

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thanks but it didn't work - ! Fingerprint already exists. Please use one ssh key per Heroku account – Finnnn Nov 22 '11 at 11:48
I'm guessing that you have multiple Heroku accounts, and that the SSH key you're trying to upload is already associated with a different account. Have a read of:… – nickgrim Nov 22 '11 at 11:59

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