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For example the keyboard combination Alt->F4 closes an opened window. So what are the keyboard combinations for restarting and shuting down a Windows XP system ?

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press power button which is on the cabinet . :P

or create a .bat file

For a shortcut to RESTART Windows XP:
SHUTDOWN -r -t 01

For a shortcut to SHUT DOWN Windows XP:
SHUTDOWN -s -t 01

Then call it via 3rd party tools on a set of keyboard actions look here on how to call an application via Keyboard action :

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Windows button ,then ALT+F4 opens the shutdown dialog, then depending on the interface you can choose the underlined letter or scroll the dropdown list.

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looking at this webpage it appears if you press Ctrl+Esc then U, and then Enter on windows XP it will cause the machine. This can be seen here.

If you have a remote session and want to shutdown the remote machine, if you click the desktop and then press alt + f4. This will display the shutdown dialog on the remote machine.

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No, by default there is no such combination.

You can, however, create a shortcut to call the shutdown function and assign hotkey to it.

I believe this would suffice.

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