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My WS returns simple json like this:

  "thumbnail_url": "http://something.com/photos/003/582/test-tiny.jpg?1321956139",
  "success": true,
  "photo_url": "http://something.com/photos/003/582/test-medium.jpg?1321956139",
  "big_photo_url": "http://something.com/photos/003/582/test-big.jpg?1321956139"

I get this in NSData from NSURLConnection. I know how to make NSString from NSData. I would like to get value for "photo_url" key.

How can it do this?

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You have to use SBJSON framework to get value of photo_url.

in SBJSON framework have one method that return NSMutableDictionary For String.

You can use like this [string JSONValue] that will return NSMutableDictionary.

After that use will be get value from this code [dict valueForKey:@"photo_url"]



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Use TouchJSON or SBJson parser to parse this.

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I would sugest JSONkit, because it the fasting thing out there. Here is some nice info on parsing JSON: triplesoftware.nl/2011/08/json-parsing –  rckoenes Nov 22 '11 at 11:15

For iOS 5 only you can use the built in NSJSONSerialization class.

If you need to support iOS4 then JSONKit is a good solution.

You can then query your results like a normal dictionary.

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