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I am facing a problem when trying to create an entity and set one of its association properties which is a 0..1 relationship to another entity

Both the ends of the association is 0..1

Here is what I try to do

var entityA = new EntityA();
var entityB = new EntityB();
entityA.associatedEntity = entityB;

It works just fine, both of the entities are saved but when I retrieve entityA I get its associatedEntity property set to null

Why is that? it happens to me only on 0..1 to 0..1 relationships.

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Is lazy-loading enabled for your ObjectContext? If not you have to explicitly load the related entities. If you are using POCO or code-first there might also be a configuration problem, which prevens EF from creating a proper proxy type which performs the lazy-loading once you access the associatedEntity property.

You can eager-load related entities in EF using the Include(string) method on one of the context's ObjectSet objects, like:

context.EntityASet.Include("associatedEntity").Single(e => e.Id == 10);
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I am having the same problem and attempted your solution. It did not resolve my issue. Any other ideas? – Bloodhound Sep 4 '12 at 20:22

You can use EF 4.1/2 for implement easy as easy relations with putting attribute top of properties of entity classes. for more information: using features of EF 4.1/2

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